Nothing is ever too much trouble and we pride ourselves in excellent levels of customer service.
Owner & Founder

Nigel Buxton



for the professional kitchen
We truly understand the butchery needs of the professional kitchen and everything is quality controlled prior to being dispatched for delivery. No order leaves without our complete satisfaction that everything is as it should be.

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DiscoverOur Story

Nigel Buxton comes from a long line of professional Bristol butchers. You can even trace butchery back through his family tree to 1890! Nigel made his debut into the meat trade at just 12 years old and over the years has learnt and mastered every aspect of the trade, working his way up through the ranks, moving from butchery, slaughtering, processing, cutting to the Head of Meat at a top-end organic specialist meat farm to Commercial Director at a multi-million pound meat concern.

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  • Let down by my last butcher, Buxtons stepped in and have been delivering well prepared, quality meat, ever since. A proper ‘Master’ butcher whom I have great trust in. The family farm – A.E Weaver & Sons, in North Bristol – supplies Buxton with beef and lamb ensuring that ‘locally sourced’ means just that!
    Alison Weaver
  • I’ve developed a great relationship with Nigel and Buxton Butchers over the years.  It is his desire to understand what his customer wants that sets him apart.  I get exactly what I ask for, and on those rare occasions he doesn’t, say have beef that’s aged enough,  he won’t send something else.  He’ll tell me to take it off my menu until it’s ready.  It is his care and attention to detail that means I always get the very best for my customers.  He has an eye and a passion for great beef and he hunts down the very best local producers to make sure I get the very best meat. Whether it’s the dry aged rib caps for our burger mince at the Three Brothers Burgers, 50-60 day aged ribs of beef for The Glassboat or the perfect free range duck for the Lido he never lets me down
    Freddy Brid
  • I am delighted with the consistency of the meat I buy from Buxton. It has taken me five years to find a butcher of this calibre and I am so glad I found him! If I need a piece of beef perfectly aged for exactly 31 days then that is what I get. I look forward to buying more meat from Buxtons in the future.
    Josh Eggleton
  • What Nigel doesn't know about meat isn't worth knowing. Buxton Butchers is old school with a modern outlook in the meat industry - we have used buxton from day one and will proudly continue to do so due to their fabulous personal service.
    Matt Williamson
  • Buxton Butchers have been reliably suppling my restaurant for several years. The quality of the meat is second to none and price comparisons have always proved them competitive. The personal relationship that has been build has proved invaluable. Providing me with confidence that every plate I serve will meet my customers expectation and match my standards. I am also a big fan of the way the meat is aged and we are constantly complemented on the quality of steaks.
    Ron Faulkner